Lost your pet? Here's what to do
Local Animal Control Contacts

If you want your lost or found posted, please email me
with the following information: Type of animal (dog, cat,
etc.), description & picture
if possible. Male/neutered male, Female/spayed female
Date or time period of occurrence Area of occurrence
(town, street, etc.)

        Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter   
4473 Barton Orleans Road - Orleans, VT 05860
Email Us At: animals@fasv.comcastbiz.net
We lost a cat on Hinman Settler Rd.
in Derby Vt. He is about 4 years
old, black with white neutered
male, declawed. Deathly afraid of
children, and skittish to strangers.  
He has been missing since
10/11/2011. His name is King
George and we dont think his
collar is on (Houdini!)

I forgot to say! contact Sue at
Found Cat - Dec. 7, 2011
cj.lyn@hotmail.com -
Call Chelsea if you have lost this
I found this young kitty at my
house tonight. Extremely
friendly, was very hungry and
thirsty. Was more concerned
with attention than food. Found
in Westmore, VT (heading
North). Believe it's female.
Looks about 6-8 months old.
I've posted/called around my
town, including the town clerk. I
am willing to keep her if no
owner is found, but wanted to
make sure she had the best
chance of reuniting with her
family if she has one!

Thanks :)