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March – Prevent Pet Poisoning

The American Veterinary Medical Association (www.avma.org) reminds us that March brings Poison Prevention Week, March 15 to 21.
While the emphasis may well focus on raising awareness about household items that are poisonous to children, it’s important to remember that many things in the home are also poisonous to our pets – cats, dogs and yes, even birds and other pets. The AVMA advises that raisins and grapes can be fatal to our canine family members and some plants, such as lilies are poisonous for our feline friends. Some kinds of nuts, such as macadamia nuts can cause paralysis in dogs and sadly, the most potent poisons for our pets are human medications. It’s important to know that many items commonly found in our homes can cause our loyal and beloved animal friends to become critically and perhaps even fatally ill. These items range from foods that they may enjoy eating, but shouldn’t, to cleaning chemicals and prescription drugs.
There are a number of reliable resources available to learn more about items commonly found in our homes that are poisonous to our pets.

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February - Responsible Pet Owner Month

February is Be a Responsible Pet Owner Month! There are a number of ways by which we can be “pawsome,” responsible pet parents. It takes lots of love and commitment. Bringing a pet into your home is a lifelong relationship and there are a few basic steps to showing how much you care.

  1. Spay or neuter your dog, cat, rabbit or ferret. It’s important not to contribute to pet overpopulation. Hundreds of thousands of animals enter shelters nationwide each year. Many, if not most, face euthanasia. Spaying or neutering not only limits the pet population, it helps to keep your furry friend healthy for a longer period of time.

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Tips for a Happy, Healthy and Safe Holiday Season for Furry Friends

Everyone at Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter wants the holidays to be a happy time for you and your pet and not a time for an emergency visit to your veterinarian. The food and decorations that make the holidays so much fun for us can sometimes be hazardous for our pets. We want you to be aware of some of these hazards so that you can plan accordingly and prevent any potential problems. When in doubt, common sense is always a good strategy!

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Happy Holidays!

From all the creatures at PMFAS
- both human and animal –

We wish you a Happy, Healthy and Safe Christmas Season and New Year! We thank all those who supported us in so many different ways throughout 2019.

It is only through your generosity, kindness and loyalty that we are able to find homes for over 300 animals each year.

While we anticipate all the unknown challenges and celebrations that the New Year will bring, we especially look forward to our commitment to find loving and compassionate forever homes for those furry friends that find their way to our shelter throughout 2020.

Our best wishes and heartfelt gratitude to you all!

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November – A Time for Expressing Gratitude!

Do you know that November has been named National Gratitude Month? Gratitude is more than simply saying “thank you.”  Gratitude’s amazing powers have the ability to shift us from focusing on the negative to appreciating what is positive in our lives.

Here at PMFAS, we know we have much for which to be grateful. We also have a lot that is very “pawsitive” in our lives and in the lives of all the furry creatures that enter our care over the course of the year.

We acknowledge all our friends and supporters, from our Keepers of the Kennels and Kitties, individual volunteers and families to local businesses, schools and the towns we serve. Whether your support comes in the form of time, work, kind words or donations of many kinds, we definitely appreciate it all!

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