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Tips for a Happy, Healthy and Safe Holiday Season for Furry Friends

Everyone at Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter wants the holidays to be a happy time for you and your pet, and not a time for an emergency visit to your veterinarian. The food and decorations that make the holidays so much fun for us can sometimes be hazardous for our pets. We want you to be aware of some of these hazards so that you can plan accordingly and prevent any potential problems. When in doubt, common sense is always a good strategy!

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Autumn – A Season for Adopting from Your Local Animal Shelter

October celebrates Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. With two consecutive fall months promoting adoption from your local animal shelter, we can easily say that Autumn is the season for spreading the word about all the great animals that are in local shelters searching for forever homes. 

Each year in the US, many people find a devoted furry friend or new family member at their local shelter. Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter encourages everyone to "Make Adoption Your First Option." The goal is to encourage people to give first consideration to their local shelter when planning to add a pet to the household.

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Mercury & Venus

Hello! My name is Mercury and I’ve been at the Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter for well over a year. Oh, don’t get me wrong. It’s a great place really. It’s just that my friend Venus and I would really like to find our forever homes. We’re getting older – we’re at least 8 years old - and we’ve been through quite a bit. It’s possible that we’re sisters but no one really knows for sure. You see, before we came to the shelter, we lived with many many cats in a house where people couldn’t really take good care of us. So we know how lucky we are to have been brought to this wonderful shelter where we have plenty of food and clean water each day, and nice soft beds and a lot of friends to play with. And because we’ve been here so long, we’ve met so many other kitty friends, and we get along just fine with them. We can even get along with dogs! We’re a little bit sad though because all of our cat friends that came with us from that house have all found their forever homes and we’re still here. We just don’t know why someone doesn’t choose us to go home with them. Maybe it’s because we’re older, or because we don’t have teeth. But that doesn’t stop us from playing and cuddling and purring. And we eat any food you want to give us! Whether it’s soft canned food or crunchy dry kibble – we gobble it right down! We’re both quite pretty, I think. They call our coloring Tortoise Shell and we look quite unique. Won’t you consider taking one or both of us home with you? We don’t need to go together to the same home, but kitties are quite social creatures and we love having a friend. We’ll spend a lot of time just being happy to be with you. We’ll cuddle when you want to and then we’ll just play together and relax.

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September is Happy Cat Month!

fec91b943ba3e8eb11ef2e14d1ec0c6a 1As cat guardians at Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter, we strive to make every month “Happy Cat Month” for our shelter kitties, but September is especially designated as the month to celebrate cats and ensure that they are happy, healthy, and valued.

Cats are often viewed as self-reliant loners who don’t need much beyond an appropriate diet and a place to sleep. However nothing could be further from the truth! Cats need companionship, environmental enrichment, daily play, and most of all, they need us to love them just as much as they love us.

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