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April 2020 – Prevent Animal Cruelty Month

April is a month for raising awareness about preventing animal cruelty. There are a number of ways that you can help. By following some of the measures below and encouraging others to do the same, we can work together to help improve the lives of our animal friends. These steps in the right direction often help others make a change in their choices also.

Buy cage-free eggs and grass-fed beef. Buying cruelty-free products helps endorse companies that make an effort to treat their animals with respect. Additionally, often these products are much better for you and less packed with artificial growth hormones or other unhealthy substances. Whenever possible buy directly from local farmers in your communities.

Adopt pets from your local shelter or animal rescue center. Buying a pet from a puppy mill often means that the animal was born and raised in an unhealthy and very cruel environment where its parents were kept in extremely small, dirty cages for the purpose of reproducing multiple times each year. Also, it’s a myth that you cannot get a purebred from a shelter or rescue. Many rescues across the country focus on saving specific breeds. If your local shelter does not have a particular type of animal that you are looking for at a specific time, go to www.petfinder.com where you can find many different animals from across the country just waiting for their own forever homes. Adopt; don’t shop!

Volunteer at an animal shelter. Most shelters rely on volunteers to help with animal care, cleaning, fund-raising, and social media assistance. Volunteers also help greatly in spending time with the animals, making them more sociable and therefore, more adoptable.

Read the label on your beauty products and buy cruelty-free products. Millions of animals are still utilized to test medication and makeup every year. The damage of the experimentation causes their skin to warp with sores and chemical burns. Don't try to convince yourself it's just rats and other rodents—its "cute" animals like dogs, cats, and rabbits too. Read the label! Buy cruelty-free products!

Cruelty to animals endorses violent behavior. Often animal abuse is an indicator of potential harm being directed toward humans—sometimes it's even a precursor. Whenever you become aware of animal cruelty in your community, notify law enforcement and your community’s animal control officer.

Information saves lives. Many pet owners aren’t aware they are endangering the lives of their furry/scaly/feathered companions. It can be very helpful in raising awareness and improving the lives of our animal friends by regularly sharing valid articles and information about how to keep pets safe and healthy.

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